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Major Donors

We extend our sincere appreciation for the commitment shown by these supporters to protecting the heritage of our community. Their generosity has helped to make our success possible.


Heritage Steward Supporters ($50,000 or more over 7 years)

The Estate of Dr. Cathy Charles

Phyllis and Graeme Ferguson

Karen Girling and Bruce MacLellan

Judy and Mark McLean

Judith Mills

Lake of Bays Marine Museum and Navigation Society


Heritage Advocate Supporters ($25,000 or more over 7 years)

The Blakely Family

The DeZwirek Family

Marianne Girling

McLean Foundation

Michelle and Patrick Meneley


Legacy Supporters ($10,000 or more over 7 years)

Margaret and John Casey

Wanda and Mark Cowie

Steve and Katharine Coxford

Marijane and Les Dakens

Richard Hogarth

Helen and Chip Holton

Gabriela Klein and Gerald Panneton

George Konrad

Sonia and Arthur Labatt

Lake of Bays Association

Carol and Michael Moffat

Andrew Stewart

Terry Richmond and Doug Ward

Penny and Paul Thomas

Victoria Weaver

Jennifer Wiser


Protector Supporters ($5,000 or more over 7 years)

Alan and Sally Bryant

John and Ann Chamberlain

Paul and Susan Douglas

Morris Eccles and Carole Stoddart

Francine and Matt Gaasenbeek

David and Stephanie Keeley

Bob and Joan Lehman

Janice Robertson

John Shuter

Mary Sinclair

Vizma and Eric Sprott

Cheryl and David Sutton


Life Members ($1,000 or more by person or couple)

90th Parallel Productions Ltd. (Gordon Henderson)

Acheson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert

Anselmi, Tom and Sharon Mey

Armstrong, Philip & Linda

Bannock, Russell

Barton, Dominic

Bateman, Mrs. Evelyn

Bebis, Stephen & Michele

Bent, Maurice & Patricia

Beverley, Ian & Laura

Binnington, Arthur & Joanne

Black, David & Kathleen

Bland, Peter

Bloemen, Mr. & Mrs. Peter

Blom, Carl & Jeanie

Boughen, Shaun & Amanda Ottagalli

Briant, David & Connie

Bruce, Ian & Sheila Anne

Bull, Catherine & Gary

Cade, James & Cathie

Campbell, Bruce & Keeley

Campbell, Martin & Louise

Cardy, Sandy & Roland

Caskey, Susan & John Francis

Chisolm, Robert & Andrea

Clark, Philip

Cockwell, Jack

Coleman, Gerry & Paula

Comber, Peter

Cumine, Robin

Cumming, Deb

Daniel, Bill & Ruth

Douglas, Aly & Alfie (Steve)

Edmonds, Ward

Edney, James & Rachel

Evans, Janet

Faircloth, Mark & Pat

Falconer, Richard & Darleen

Fasken Family Trust, Mr. Mitchell Fasken

Felesky, Adam & Laurie

Finless-Hall, Gayle

Gallop, Rick & Ruth

Garner, James

Gibbings, Brian & Barb

Goring, Peter & Suzanna Greenaway

Haddon, Gay

Hammill, Bob & Josee

Hatch, Cliff & Sylvie

Henderson, Gordon & Pam

Hill, Moffat & Barbara

Hogarth, Evan

Hogarth, Jack

Hogarth, Lauren

Hogarth, Marshall

Hoiles, Pamela

Holton, Gwenyth & Charles

Holton, Ann

Jaffary, Karl

Johnston, Brian & Colleen

Johnston, Richard & Carol

Jones, Jill & Brian

Jordan, Marc & Amy

Kaptein, Joanne & Michael

Karakashian, Ken

Kerr, Anneli

Kodama, Tracy & Randall

Kruzel, Dr. & Mrs. Walter

Langford, Jill & Gary Lee

Langford, Jock

Laycock, Dian

Le Ber, James & Marlene

Lette, Bernard & Jan

Levy, Robert & Patricia

Limberlost Forest & Wildlife Reserve

Lovegrove Construction

Macdonald, Doris & Craig

MacDonald, John & Colleen

Macey, Tracey & David Ticoll

Macintosh, Sarah & Don

Mackinnon, Ross

MacLellan, Ally

MacLellan, Sara

McCreery, Abbey

McCreery, Carter

McCreery, Graham & Carol

McDermott, Pat

McDonald, Betty

McGregor, Yuill & Sylvie Turbide

McKinnon, Bill & Barbara

McMullen, Bob

McTaggert, Mary

Medland, Ted & Julie

Metcalfe, Valerie & Jim

Michalski, Margaret

Miles, Simon

Milligan, Rob & Janis Clarke

Mills, Jennifer

Montgomery, Dr. Donald & Mrs. Molly

Morison, Susan

Muirhead, Harriet

Murphy, Ed & Barbara

Neal, Stan & Mary

Newby, Glen & Kathy

Nunn, Jacquie & Robert

Overbury, Michael & Nina

Paterson, Al & Carolyn

Port Cunnington Lodge

Prasse, Jonathon & Jacqueline

Pringle, Andy & Valerie

Pringle, Sue

Prittie, Bill & Nancy

Prittie, Robert & Shirley

Purvis, Fred & Catherine

Pyke, Diane & Ken

Richardson, Patricia & Douglas Scott

Richmond, Jeff & Beth

Robb, Sheila J.

Robinson, Ralph & Linda

Rosmus, Georgia

Rosmus, Renee

Ross, Dr. Heather

Schaal, Peter & Sue

Smith, Craig & Cathy

Sorbara, Edward

Stapleton, Daphne

Stark, Alvin & Cindy

Stephens, Barry & Donna

Street, Margo and Rick

Stroud, Moragh & David

Tapscott, Don & Ana Lopes

Telfer, Ian & Nancy Burke

Tenenbaum, Judith

Theobald, Mary & Bob

The Chawkers Foundation

Thom, Preston & Arlene

Troost, Bill & Kathleen

Tucker, Ray & Eileen

Tuer, Bob & Lynne

Van Halteren, Art & Joanne

Vanden Broek, Rob & Valerie Connor

Walker, Ron & Susan Monteith

Wallace, Julia & Robert

Wallace, Sharon & John

Wallace, William

Weaver, Mr. P. Brink

White, Ian & Susan

Whyte, George & Letha

Wing, Dennis

Wood, David & Jo-Anne

Woodside, Dr. John & Melanie

Woodside, Michael & Gloria

Yeo, Dr. Erik & Mrs. Alexandra

Young, Dr. & Mrs. M. Barry

Our Results
  • Acquired over 50 per cent of the Lower Oxtongue River for permanent protection, including 6.5 km of shoreline.
  • Preserved one mile of natural shoreline and 47-acres of forest at Port Cunnington.
  • Partnered with the Ontario Heritage Trust to be the steward of the 100-acre Pyke property near Brown's Brae.
  • Recognized more than 30 building owners with plaques for heritage property protection.
  • Encouraged the Township to create a Heritage Committee of Council to encourage protection.
  • Rescued the Bigwin ferry from a sunken mooring in 1991 and conducted feasibility studies to transfer to the current Navigation Society for restoration.
  • Established the Harriet T. Weaver Memorial Trust which funds two bursaries each year to assist one student from each of Bracebridge and Huntsville high schools to help pay for their first year of university or college.
Bird Count - June 8, 2019, 8am
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Butterfly, Dragonfly, Damselfly Count - July 7, 2019, 9:00am
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Silent Boat Rally - Aug 3, 2019, 9am-1pm
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Annual General Meeting - Aug 17, 2019
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Mushroom Walk - Oct 12, 2019, 9am
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